AlongSide Shadows III

It was a dark night, the moon shined bright in the sky. Every student of Umbra High had a curfew of nine o‘clock. The student that were found outside their dormitory past curfew ended up in the detention center or worse, repeated offenders were expelled from the school. But Lina made her own rules, she loved to stayed up late at night and she had been sneaking out of her dormitory since she was a freshman. Lina was especially fascinated of the old clock tower  within the school grounds that was located near the west hall. She was studying the clock again but this time when the small hand hit twelve on the dot, a door from the top of the clock tower opened letting out a small wooden figure that wobbled out of the clock’s doors while a male voice sang in a whisper.


tick tock tick tock the dark will come

tick tock tick tock among it parallel world will rise

tick tock tick tock it will take you and I


Lina was unable to move for a split second her body froze. She then stepped back, bumping into someone. She turned as soon as she felt the bump and then she saw Luc standing right behind her with a smile.

“You made it!” said Luc, he looked like he was hugging all of his research papers as if he was carrying a great deal of them.

Lina then pushed Luc on the shoulder. “LUC! are you trying to give me a heart attack before finding your stupid dungeons!” Lina was infuriated. “I didn’t mean to scared you Lina, I was just reading one of the a phrases from my research papers.” Luc waved the paper in front of her. “It is very interesting…Lina?” Lina was already walking ahead of Luc seemingly not even paying attention to what was he saying. “Hey Lina wait for me!” said Luc trying to catch up to her.

The two walked towards the north hall, usually no student had the need to go to the north hall, even though the area had been under construction for years some sections were still operative.

“Luc? Are you sure we are heading towards the right way?” said Lina doubting Luc’s map.

“Well, I believe we are right over here in the very center of the north area, there should be a passage here to enter to a narrow hall, then from there we will enter a hidden passage that will take us…” But Lina was not following Luc closely. She had wandered off towards a small door that had a stream of light that was visible from the gaps between the door and the frames as well as the keyhole. Luc was still very into reading his map, that he approached Lina while he was still mumbling about the entrance towards the dungeons. “Do you see Lina? This entrance that we are approaching will take us straight to the dungeons..and” Lina covered his mouth with her hand. “Shhh…” said Lina while Luc kept mumbling “There is someone or something behind this door…look” Lina said grabbing Luc’s head and turning it straight in front of the hole. Looking through the hole Luc could see shadows of people pacing the floor and a faint laughter, he could also see the shape of the room, an old colonial style room with thousands of books around, he saw the source of the light, it was a fire in the fireplace making the shadows dance. “Lina! we should call it off for tonight, we can come back another night.” said Luc with sweat running off his face. But Lina simply said “It can’t be the teachers it’s too late for them to be around, they’re are probably the seniors, let’s go take a better look” putting her hand of the knob and opening a small crack.

As she opened the door a gust of wind brushed through her hair. She quickly stepped inside the room, looked around and she noticed that no one was there. Slamming the door closed, Lina walk  towards the center of the room but the room was empty.

Luc came in behind Lina “Where is everyone?” he sounded nervous. “Lina?…”. Lina did not answer his question and she stepped in the middle of the room and did a complete 360 degree turn around to check the room more thoroughly. The only things that were in the room were the two of them and books but the  fire was lit. “there was someone here Luc, I can feel it how else could the fireplace have a fire? They might have noticed that we were outside and left before we came in? or…”

“Lina…I hear something…”Luc whispered, the two got quiet looking at the door. “Maybe… maybe we shouldn’t be here…”Luc said just as quietly as before. “Shhh, Luc be quiet! We need to hide” said Lina looking around the room for a place to hide.

Maybe the people here weren’t hiding from us Lina though grabbing Luc by the shoulder “Behind the bookshelf, hurry!”

The books were full of webs and dust, like nobody had touched them in a long time. They heard the floorboards creak.  They saw the door slightly move and a figure with long legs that was very slim walk in. they both looked at each other trying to see if any of them recognized this tall peculiar man. The tall man stood by the fire for a while just staring at the flames. Creaking noises from the floorboard came, as if someone was pacing rapidly. The noise was gradually becoming louder. The tall man walked outside shutting the door closed behind.

P.S: Third Part of my story I hope everyone enjoys it. 😀 ! Sorry about the inconsistency. I will try to do better from now on.


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