The Wolf of a Feather

Nicolas was a small boy, he lived in a remote village together with his mother. The village was surrounded by thick forests with high mountains. Nicolas had an unquenchable curiosity, he wanted to learn whatever he observed.  However, the village had dangerous wolves that roamed the forests . It had been a particularly harsh winter, and one evening while everyone was heading home for the night, the wolves appeared suddenly. Two of the wolves rushed towards Nicolas but his mother ran between them. They grabbed his mom instead and vanished into forests. The villagers and Nicolas ran chasing after the wolves but could not reach them at all. The villagers launched a massive search that night, no one could sleep. But it seem like the mother had vanished into thin air, there weren’t any traces. After Nicolas lost his mother, he couldn’t remain as he was before. He lost his curiosity to explore the world around him.
One afternoon as he was sitting in his room reminiscing about his lost mother he saw a red bird outside of his window, on the ground. But the bird did not move, it stared right at him. It was a dazzling bird, with beautiful red feathers and a white line running from one eye to the other. Nicolas was suddenly very interested this bird. Then the bird flew away a little further away from the house. But Nicolas wanted to follow. He put on his shoes and ran outside to follow the bird towards the forest. The Bird flew away from Nicolas, but it never really got of his sight, this continued until evening. The bird finally stopped on top of a tree branch. Nicolas climbed immediately up the tree and made his way towards the bird. He looked into the unmoving bird’s eyes and felt that he had seen them before. “…Mom?” said Nicolas touching the birds back. Suddenly he fell from the branch towards ground but before hitting the floor he expanded his blue wings and flew next to the red bird.

P.S: Hello everyone, Hope you guys enjoy my midnight story. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Nighty Night


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