AlongSide Shadows

Hi hi’s everyone. It’s been more than a month since my last post, this is because I’ve been busy. Not just with work but I was unfortunate enough to have been in a non-fatal car accident (cars are very weak). I also began reading The Change book series, by S.M. Stirling.  This novel is very interesting I highly recommend it,  I’m actually reading my second book in the series.
The following is a story that I am developing. I know there isn’t much right now but I will keep posting updates on this story.

AlongSide Shadows

Lina was sitting at the front of the class. She glanced outside the window as she ran her fingers through her silky black hair that came down to her back. The sun-bright at its peak, it was spring, the plants were beginning to sprout, and the flowers bloom. Umbra High, her current high school, was located somewhere near the middle of the city. The school was one of the biggest she had ever attended, six stories high built of solid concrete, it reminded her of a fortress. Only the rich kids or the very smart were able attend this private school. Lina was one of the fortunate ones, she had been a bright girl ever since she was young. She loved solving puzzles and her memory was one of her most notable features.

“Lina! Lina!” hearing her name startled Lina, and she noticed that she had been looking outside the window in a daze. “Everyone left for break you should go get something to eat as well” said the professor in a voice that broke into a high pitch every so often, it sounded much like a young boy around his puberty Lina thought. The professor’s short size wasn’t helping his image either.

“Yes, Professor Jacob.”Lina murmured as she stood up very stiffly.

Lina was having no problem dodging the boys and girls that were talking, laughing and standing around in the hallway.

“Ugh it feels like a zoo” Said Lina under her breath. She was feeling frustrated with the amount of people in the hallway today, but she stood calm instead of raising her voice high enough to be heard.


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