AlongSide Shadows II

Lina noticed Luc stumbling past a pack of students. Luc was her only friend at Umbra High. He was a younger than Lina, he was a freshman, even though he was pushed around by the older students, he still tried to act smooth in any given situation. Lina was a sophomore so she had gone through this stage of acceptance by the mass before. Even though she was not truly accepted by her peers. She was quite the outcast at the school. Luc rushed towards Lina, poking back his glasses to their right place “Lina I found it…! I found the dungeon…!” He was whispering. “We can go tonight!” He said with a smirk on his face. The school was built a long time ago, but the professors or anyone there never acknowledged the existence of dungeons underneath the school, they avoided the topic altogether. The only thing Lina knew about the school is that it was owned by Sir Eric the IV back in the Renaissance period.

“Luc, there is no such thing like dungeons at the school, okay? so let’s just get going and grab some food before these savages eat it all!” Said Lina pushing Luc to try to bring him back to reality. One of the papers that Luc was holding flew out of his hand at a strong gust of wind. Luc fumbled at trying to grab the paper and he snatched it out of the air, a step away from Lina. Having caught the paper he said “Look Lina! this is it! This is the map… The map that shows where the dungeons are.” he said as he fixed the position of this glasses. Lina glanced at the paper which didn’t look very detailed at all or even like a legitimate map. “Here is where we need to go, tonight if possible I also- ” before Luc could finish his sentence he bumped into a  student while entering the cafeteria.

“Watch it! weirdo.” some jock said to Luc. Luc didn’t pay much attention to his rude remark and waved a firm hello while he re-adjusted the position of his glasses. “Hey guy, yes I will, sorry, thank you” Luc was not really paying attention to whom he was talking to. As the Jock left Lina looked down at Luc and thought to herself. Why do you have to be so nice to people like that, Luc? Don’t you understand that they are not your friends? She wanted to cheer her friend up after seeing his helpless encounter with the jock. “Okay Luc,” Lina sighed.

“Show me this map of yours…”

P.S: Hi Everyone, I know this is story is developing a bit slow but soon you will see what I have in mind whahaha (evil laugh):D. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Nighty Night


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