Part I – The Beginning 

In a narrow alley stood a tall shadow, it’s dark figure stark against the street lamp illuminated walls of a nearby building. The shadow then disappeared into the darkness leaving nothing but a figure curled up in a pool of blood. The morning of January 1961. A woman was found next an industrial building where the excess textile was disposed. She had been cut right in a middle and her organs had been removed from her insides but nothing was missing. The coronary technician wrote in the autopsy that it felt like someone had been looking for something inside her body, because even though her organs were removed from her, they seemed intact like the murderer had meticulously taken them out, one by one.

The man who found the deceased woman was Ernest. A sixty year old who worked in the textile company for the last fifteen years. He was described as a loner, didn’t talk much kept to himself, but he was very polite and hardworking according to his co-workers. He didn’t have any previous record, but police officers interrogated him because he was the one that found the body. He stood at a corner of the alley with two officers next to him. He was leaning against the concrete wall. His saggy hazel eyes showed how tired the man was on top of the shock of seeing the gruesome body. He was about six feet in height but he looked more like a five foot eight because of his hunchback, he had a slim build and was wearing scrubs that the company provided for the custodials. After twenty minutes or so they let him go, handing him a business card, just incase if he were to remember anything out of the ordinary to let them know right away. He then walked out of the alleyway and from the scene without looking back.
Lucas the head officer at the scene approached the officer that interrogated Ernest.

“Is this our Man?”

The officer looked at him and said “Nah, hasn’t got previous records or anything, and he doesn’t seem to have the strength to cut a person open or even know how to take out the inner organs so neatly” the officer then paused for a few seconds before he kept going “but… there was something weird the old man said, he told the first officer on the scene that the woman was alive when he found her.”

Lucas looked at the general direction that the old man had headed to, but the fog had already made the man disappear.

Ernest walked alone the narrow roads from Zelt city. It was seven, I can’t understand what just happened, she touch me! she was alive how can the say that she had been dead for a few hours now,Ernest looked at his shaking arm, where the bloody women’s warm hand had been. He stopped near the water canal that flowed through the city, he then rushed towards the water and submerged his face in it until he could not hold his breath any longer. He jerked back his head out of the water gasping for air. He covered both of his ears in pain. What is this piercing sound? He then looked back down at the water and he began to see symbols forming from the tiny air bubbles and the ripples on the surface of the water. He didn’t understand what was happening to him as he began see these symbols forming all around him in everything he looked at. He saw shapes in the dense fog, the rocks in the dirt… What is all this gibberish, what’s happening to me, I need to get back…to my grandson…

The fog became denser as he walked. The ringing sound had stopped but his vision became more and more narrow as if he was walking through a tunnel. He could make out his house just two more street blocks away with his limited vision, but the street blocks seemed stretch and felt further out. His body felt heavy, finally, under the stress and fatigue he fall backwards. Before he could hit the could the ground something grabbed a hold of him. He turned around to see his grandson.

“Jull…” Ernest whispered.

“What happened? Are you alright old man..?” Jull was staring at Ernest, his blue eyes clearly worried. Jull was Ernest’s grandson he was fourteen years of age, his dark hair was unkempt, and he wore clothing a size too big, always said that it made him feel older than he was and he never took off his silver wrist band place on the left. Ernest was drenched in sweat, with a disoriented look on his face he spoke to Jull softly “Jull..I…” He then fainted in his grandson’s arms. The boy acted quickly and grabbed his grandfather’s arm around his shoulder and took Ernest to their home.


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