The Mystery of The Diamond Necklace


“Once you turn sixteen, make sure you have this on you, always. Your life depends on it.” Those were her father’s last words before he passed away on the hospital bed. But words weren’t the only thing he left behind, he also handed her a silver worked beautiful diamond necklace. She wore this necklace everyday.

When she turned twenty one, she began to see glimpses of a mysterious woman in both her dreams and awake. She paid no mind to it. Thinking that it was just a trick of the eye, she kept going with her life.

One day crossing the street, a big white truck began speeding towards her, even though it was a red light for the traffic and everyone else stopped. Panicking she tried to move but stopped short when she saw a woman standing in front of her. In an instant, the truck had gone past both of them. People rushed over trying to save the man who was the driver from the wrecked truck. It seemed that everybody running by, didn’t even notice them, even though they had almost gotten ran over.  Trying to catch her breath, she put her hand on her chest and realized that she wasn’t wearing the necklace anymore. She looked in front of her at the mysterious woman and she noticed that the woman had her necklace wrapped around her hand.  With a smile, the woman looked at her and said in a soft voice “Hello, I am your mother, finally I can bring you home.”

PS.Art made by me with blender. 🙂 Enjoy!


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