Another Weekend Flew By

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and as I promised here is Chapter 3 from the MidNight Train story. Please enjoy ;). (I think I should begin to title my chapters…)

Nighty Night

Chapter 3

As they ran through the forest, Doug was breathless, and because he was holding the mysterious girl’s hand. All he could think about was the warmth of the mysterious girl’s hand. He had never dated anyone in his whole life and the only two people he had ever held hands with was his granny and his mom. He was starting to feel for the girl again, daydreaming of their wedding day running to the chapel, even though she seemed like she had no soul the warmth from her body proved to him that she was alive and that there was indeed a soul behind that cold expressionless face of hers. While they kept on running the mysterious girl increased the speed of her pace and Doug’s legs began to tremble through the dirt. “A little longer, just don’t let go of my hand.” said the mysterious girl as they jumped and ran through the forest full of greens covered enormous trees.

As they kept on running Doug came back to reality. “What are we running from? Why am I following you? Please, I need to know!” said Doug trying to keep up his speed with the girl.

All of the sudden he could smell and feel a familiar tropical breeze. As he ran the breeze became stronger, blasting at his face. He closed his eyes for a few seconds then suddenly a deep drop made him open up his eyes. Screaming Doug Held on to the girl while the girl crouched and jumped as she descended she extended her legs for a perfect cat-like landing. On the other hand, Doug Landed in a mountain of soft, silk like sand.  He ended up buried underneath it. The girl found Doug’s hand and dug it out of the sand. Doug looked up and tried to act like the fall was nothing, but in reality he was in incredible pain. As they ran towards the ocean something speeded past Doug’s face, he could barely make it out of the edge of his vision, it had looked like an arrow and it scratched his face to leave a mark beginning to bleed. He was suddenly aware that real danger was following them.

“Lets go inside!” Said the mysterious girl looking towards the blue ocean, but while their feet touched the water Doug pulled back his hand to let go of the woman’s hand. He became paralyzed for a few seconds. The mysterious girl turned and grabbed him by the shoulder and tried to pull him inside the water. “NO Wait!” Said Doug looking straight into to her eyes “I can’t Swim!” Without hesitation the mysterious girl grabbed Doug’s body and as the huge wave was coming towards them. Flipped him into the wave as soon as the wave was crashing down on top of them. The last thing Doug remembered was the beach and the surprising force of the wave crashing down.


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