What a cold and beautiful night…

Hello Everyone 🙂

Nanowrimo 50K ended yesterday. I could not reach 50k words 😦 , but I won’t give up.
I am bit more than half way there woohoo. I’ve been reading my story and I’ve been doing fast reveals, I am guessing I needed to wait more and not rush myself into revealing things. On the next paragraph I will be posting Chapter 1 & 2, I had revised it and I would like to refresh everyones memory :P. I hope everyone enjoys it because I will be posting a few more chapters from it and if it does well, who knows? maybe I can make it a comic.

Midnight Train

They say that if you really wished for something, it would happen. When I was young I wished that I could grow taller and find the right person to be with in the future. I wished I could fly. I wished I could have superpowers. “I wish I hadn’t got on the train that night.”

This story is about a man who works in finance, he didn’t have that much money, but he managed to survive.

Every morning Doug woke up at six a.m. sharp. He brushed his teeth, turned on the T.V and put on the weather channel. He would then get on the seven a.m. train. The train was always full of different types of characters, businessmen, students, loud talkers on the phone, and the occasional homeless people. One woman in particular grabbed his attention practically everyday. This mysterious woman wore a white skirt with a sailor blouse and every day had worn this unique hat on, separating her from everyone else on the train. She was just so gorgeous, she was also tall and elegant. She moved herself gracefully. This woman was exactly his type. But he never found the courage to try and talk to her, his fear of rejection kept him from pursuing her.

One day, he was secretly admiring her beauty, when she suddenly stood up to get off the train, she pulled her hand out of her pocket and Doug noticed that she accidentally dropped a piece of paper, just before she exited the train as the doors shut.

Without any hesitation Doug ran to snatch the paper up off the ground and banged on the door trying to make her realize that she dropped a piece of paper on the train’s floor. He didn’t succeed in capturing her attention. He looked around as the train started to move from the station and realized that all the passengers were staring at him, he thought that he had also heard giggles from the girl students and some disapproving looks from the businessmen at the racket he made this early in the day. He did not have any where to go. Embarrassed and knowing that he probably made a huge fool out of himself, he put the paper in his right pocket and walked back to his seat while muttering apologies and smiling to let people know that he wasn’t crazy. He eventually sat back in his seat and tried to calm himself down.

Later that night, on Friday July thirteenth 1987, he was standing on the platform waiting for his train to come. He was tired and hungry, waiting for the midnight train to come.

“We are very sorry for the inconvenience but the train is going to be delayed for fifteen minutes”

In the distance he could see a light approaching, he was confused but also happy at the same time when he realized that the train coming was the one that he had meant to take back to get back to his house from work. He thought that the train was actually on time and not late. He waited patiently for the train. But as he waited Doug slowly became aware that he was the only one waiting on the platform that late night.

Looking up from the ground that he had been studying quietly, he saw the train passing by, it was a long train-it actually looked as if it was not going to stop. The train was just moving so darn fast, not like a regular train would at a stop. Maybe it was express. Inside this particularly long train there was an old man. Soon as the train stopped the old man came running, out of the train clutching his head and screaming at the top of his lungs, he kicked at the opening doors and jumped out of the train as soon as the doors parted enough to let him through, with a loud cry like a lunatic.

“Where am I?! Did I die?!” the old man asked in a crackling shout. Running towards Doug the old crazed man looked straight into Doug’s eyes, he caught Doug’s loosened tie by both of the ends, and pulled Doug’s neck down very violently, and whispered into Doug’s ear;

“Whatever you do…boy, do not get on the train. You will end up in one hell of a circumstance!” he said breathlessly.

The old man then knocked Doug down and ran away screaming. Doug then crawled into the train, he was no longer sleepy because of the sudden shock he received from the crazed old man encounter. He only hoped to get home soon to get some rest and finally end the long day.

Having low battery, his phone died. He had forgotten to charge it back at work, but he didn’t have much use for it anyway. It was late at night and he was on his way back home. But inside of the train something felt odd. He was beginning to feel sick for some reason. He thought it would be a good idea to get out at the following station. Time was passing by, a couple of minutes eventually turned to what seemed like hours. Doug was beginning to panic. Seeing so many of the stations passing by he decided take matters into his hand and press the emergency help button. He pressed it desperately but nobody had answered. He was frightened and furious at the same time, thinking that he could have been home by now. He decided to walk forward on to the next cart to find the conductor and give him a piece of his mind. He walked forward crossing in between each of the passenger carts, even though the train was moving extremely fast, and the night was cold and dark. He walked, and walked. What was supposed to be a five minute walk eventually turned into an hour without any sign of the conductor. “Am I going crazy? This train shouldn’t possibly be so long! How could it have stopped at the station?  With the amount I walked the train should be miles long and nobody else is in here, am I the only one taking this train?” He scratched his head. He had no idea what was going on. “What was wrong with that old guy? What the hell did he mean?” He decided to sit and seek answers or an explanation for the reason why the train was going so fast with no stop in sight. He was thinking of what he had done that day until getting on the train, the only to highlights of his day was the mysterious girl dropping a piece of paper on the train and that old crazy man.

As he put his hand in his right pocket that contained the paper from the girl, the train started to slow down. When he took out the paper and unfolded it to take a look at what was inside the train stopped. Starled Doug got up unsurely, it had been hours since he first got on this damned train. Walking towards the door slowly he got out. The train stopped at an unfamiliar station. Holding the piece of paper Doug looked at his new location. He heard an unfamiliar female voice that could only be described as smooth and silky.

“Welcome Doug. We needed to let the old man go, I’ve been observing you for a very long time. You might not recognize me now but I am, was, and will be your future present and past. Welcome to Alacia you will be here for a very long time.”

Letting go of the paper he realized that the voice was from the mysterious girl. His palms slick with sweat, his head spun, and his heart was pumping faster than before. His dream girl was somehow at the end of this hellish ride, but tired, he felt heavy. That must have been a really long ride, his body finally gave out, and the last thing he remembered as his body fell and hit the ground, his consciousness fading, as seeing the woman coming towards him slowly.

Chapter 2

Doug regained consciousness, he opened his eyes and pushed his body up off the soft and long grass. He felt a sharp pain on his lower back, then he noticed that he was no longer on the train station. He didn’t recognize the place that he was in, the only memories he could recall was getting off the train and looking at the gorgeous mysterious girl. All he could see around him were huge trees. “What is this, some sort of jungle? he thought out loud. I.. I must be asleep, this has to be a dream.” he said incredulously. Thinking that he just needed to close his eyes and go back to sleep to wake up in his bed back home.

Before he went back to sleep he decided to take one last look at the strange land that he was in. He stretched his arms, and supported his upper body up, So tired… he thought while shaking his head, he then closed his heavy eyelids and laid back on the grass, thinking was too hard right now. A moment after laying down, his eyes popped open, he sat up straight and then said “how is this possible…. earth!?” He was looking at the blue planet suspended in the sky, spinning lazily covered with white clouds, it was exactly what he had always seen on pictures from various books and magazines, pictures taken by astronauts in space.

Come on Doug, get it together, You aren’t going crazy! this has to be a dream, I mean think about it! Doug decided that enough was enough. He had so many questions that he couldn’t find logical explanations to. He decided to think about some of the things that had happened recently again “How could I be on a different planet? what happen last night? the last thing I remember was getting on the midnight train and that crazy old man” These were just some of the dozens of questions Doug ran over in his mind.

Doug gave up. He was staying still on the floor forcing his eyes to close. He just wanted to go home, and live his miserable life. Thinking about it now that’s all he ever had. He felt sorry for himself and started crying. He was alone and quite terrified. He heard footsteps approaching him from a distance, footsteps that were perfectly synched with his heart’s thumping sound in his ears that was growing louder. Doug tried to pull himself together, but he just could not stop his crying. The footsteps where getting closer but he was in denial; he did not want to accept that this was not a dream. However as soon as he stopped crying the footsteps stopped as well.

Doug was frozen still on the ground, he did not dare to move. He felt something, or someone staring at him. Holding his breath, he half opened his left eye, just enough to see but not enough to let anyone know that he might be awake, he looked around at his immediate surroundings, but could not see anybody, or anything. Still cautious, he decided to open up the other eye, and there she was, the woman of his dreams was standing right next to him.

Doug was relieved. He slowly got up, smiling while staring right at her eyes, but Doug felt weird looking at her pearl like eyes, he had never stared at her like that before and he noticed something different in them. Like there was not a soul behind her beautiful face, he stopped smiling and felt that he was not in love with the woman and he thought he was he was just attracted by her unique beauty.

“Why is it that when I see you, I don’t feel anything inside anymore? Wh… what exactly happened tonight? Where are we?” Doug said with desperation in his voice. “WHO ARE YOU?!” He screamed with confused rage  “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?” no answer. “Answer me.” The woman wore a completely blank expression.“ I SAID ANSWER ME!” Doug said with all of the energy he had left. A sudden twisting motion of the woman startled Doug, she was looking back studying the trees, Doug saw nothing there, but asked her “What is it? what are you loo–” She cut him off by grabbing his arm and said; “We need to go, they are here.”


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