Endless Dream


A flash of lightning blasted through my window, It was a late night with low temperatures of near 60s, a cool breeze of air passed through the crack of my window. I rose up covering my eyes. Struggling to go back to sleep, I slowly crawled under my covers. I reached the window and noticed the sky. A full moon was shining up above. Clouds moved like waves up in the air, the bright moon dazzled. Suddenly shape of polar bears formed from the clouds, eagles and soldiers marching up in the sky. Rubbing my eyes in absolute disbelief, I could hear my heart pumping from excitement. I raised my hands trying to reach the sky, oh how I wished I could fly. From the corner of my eye I saw my clear umbrella hanging on the wall. I grabbed it and climbed out the window. Opening my umbrella as I let myself drop out into the air, a sudden feeling of being free from gravity, pure emptiness. I flew up, up high in to the sky. I looked down and thought to myself what a small city I lived in. How small I am — we are!, in such a big world.

“Cecilia”? A voice resonated through my ears; Again, “Cecilia?”; I began dropping down, abruptly I was back in my bed, laying still.  But a warm feeling in my hand made my heart bump and bump from excitement like the clouds up in the sky. I want to wake up but I can’t open my eyes. “I love you Cecilia, please open your eyes “…the warm voice said. I love you too, mom.

My Notes:

Hi everyone! I hope everyone enjoys this short story. The picture above I made it specially for this story :D. A little bit about myself I am a 3D Artist living in New York. 

Nighty Night.


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