File #301


On June 27, 2001. A family of seven went on a trip to Portland, Oregon. It was their last night, and they wanted to explore the Ape Caves, at night fall. The Ape Caves are long caves that were formed from a massive lava flow. Some locals said the Ape Caves were the home of the Sasquatch because of the cold temperature and the lack of light the long cave was a perfect hideaway for this creature. The family had been out hiking for the day and now that the sun was setting they were in for their last challenge. They were ready to go down for this 4 kilometer walk through the cave. They wore jackets, brought a map, flashlights and water. Once they climbed down from the long rusty ladder, everything became pitch black, humidity surrounded them, the temperature dropped abruptly and they realized that they were the only ones down there. Once they all turned on the flashlights they began looking at the map.

There are only two ways we can go and the only way out is from the same way we entered -said the youngest of the group.

As a family they decided to take the shortest way. They walked and walked for hours appreciating their exquisite surroundings, of uneven grounds and dripping water from the waterfalls aboveground. It was getting late, still no sign of the exit or entrance anywhere. Checking out the map again one of the girls started to hear a peculiar sound, a sound that was approaching them very fast. All of them pointed their flashlights forward and a thousand bats were approaching them very fast. Everyone duck!- Desperate, everyone laid down on the floor. The bats flew above them like they were not even there. What made them scared?- As all the bats passed over them at once. They stood up and began recuperating themselves. Patty!- realizing that one of them was gone, panicked, fear began to run through their veins. Far down the cave they saw a long shadow without thinking they began to run towards it. Some of them stopped running and stayed behind, but the others that ran disappeared into dark.

My Notes:

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed this story it was short but sweet I hope. I am sorry about the cliffhanger, I want to write a few more concepts and the stories which gets the most likes are the ones I will finish! :). The photo is actually from my family and I and don’t worry we did not get lost. Good Night!


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