Misty Night


Whenever you encounter it, that’s when your life will change.

If you see it, you’ll feel it and live it.

It was a dark night, a low thin mist danced around the streets of Elmhurst, the town where I live. I was walking Charlie, my German Shepherd, when all of the sudden my eyes caught something at the end of the street, where no light shined. I decided to approach it, slowly, but as I got closer I began to rub my eyes in disbelieve, I kept on rubbing them but a bright explosion of light made me shut my eyes close for a few seconds, right away I heard Charlie bark and growl, as I opened my eyes I saw a small statue of a hideous gnome. A 3 foot statute of a gnome with a wrinkly face and big nose. I realized its suit was coded with a metallic paint, giving myself an explanation for the glow. But as soon as I decided to look at the gnome’s eyes, Charlie began to growl at the gnome, that gave me a good reason to just go home. As I walked back I felt a huge pain on my lower back, my body dropped to the concrete floor. I became paralyzed. I heard Charlie bark loader and loader until I heard a cry. I heard my dog cry after that, there was only white noise.

My Notes:

Hellos everyone this is a small story that I wrote today on my way to work, I also took a photo with my phone on my way back and I thought It would give my story a good touch if I add some images as well. I am not a professional photographer but I hope you guys will like it. Please enjoy! and I would appreciate some tips. Nighty Night.


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