My First Blog!

Holas Everyone, in the following paragraph-if anyone is interested-I will write a little about myself -me: taking a deep breath- Here I go…

I am quiet and shy- I do not go out too often, if it’s not for shopping or eating out. I love the weekend, I alter the name of weekend to my lazy days when I wear baggy clothes, watch my favorite shows and don’t think about work. I love to write and fantasize about my short stories -they are short because I usually don’t have time to finish them, and when I do! I get another idea and BAM I start writing a completely different story. I like to think I am funny, but sometimes not everyone thinks that way, I love writing stories and writing cliffhangers.

P.S: The name of my blog might be weird and might not make sense but I liked the sound of it, so… deal with it!


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